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How close to the property line & how big can I make the shed without a permit?

Most areas allow a shed size of 108 sq./ft (10 sq./m). Distance from property lines and how high can vary. Not all municipalities have the same rules. It is up to the customer to know what rules apply to their property. Most general questions about sheds/outbuildings can be answered on your local municipal website.

What preparations are needed for the shed site?
We can build sheds on many bases. Most use their existing base such as grass or dirt. These areas need to be level as possible. Some customers like to prepare gravel beds or concrete pads. If using gravel, a smaller aggregate like HPB works well. If planning on pouring your own concrete pad call us for details. Sites must be free of debris and animal droppings.
How much access room do I need to get the new shed into my backyard?

We only need a regular 3’ gate and enough height clearance for walls. Arbors on gates need to be removed prior to our arrival. We need to know of any obstacles such as decks, stairs and sensitive landscaping areas.

How long does it take to get my new shed installed?
Plan on having us there for 2-4 hours. However, sheds greater in size can take the full day. We use enough time to make the job right.
How is the shed supported on the ground?
We use 1-1/2” thick concrete blocks to support the shed floor joist. The 4x4 P.T. joist are on 2’ centres and each one receives a support block at each end. Sheds greater than 10’ wide would receive centre support as well.
What materials are used to build the sheds?
We use solid Canadian pine and spruce materials to construct the entire shed from floor to peak. We do not use any sheet goods such as chipboard, wafer board or pressboard. Our sheds are the real deal and stand up to all four seasons Canada throws at us.
Do the sheds come stained & shingled?

Yes, it’s included. We apply a durable exterior solid wood stain. All sheds come shingled. The stain is rated for 10 years, shingles for 30 years under ideal conditions.



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